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A long term care worker holds the hands of a senior woman

Providence Healthcare’s Houses of Providence is more than a long-term care facility. Thanks to your kindhearted support of ShareLife, staff can collaborate with residents like Abigail to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Abigail moved here when Alzheimer’s meant she could no longer live on her own. She adjusted well to her new environment, enjoying a more balanced, satisfying life than she had for years.

Loving care at every step

She became ill in March last year and needed to go to the hospital. When told the next stages were palliative, she was given the option of staying at the hospital. But for Abigail the choice was clear: she wanted to go “home.” A steady stream of staff affectionately welcomed her back. The Houses Team created a supportive palliative environment in her room and a plan to care for her.

“My husband and I were often moved to tears by the loving care she received in the two months up until her death,” says her daughter gratefully. “My mother loved her life at the Houses of Providence.”

Your generosity gave Abigail a warm, supportive home, filled with dignity and love in her final years.

Photo: A long term care worker holds the hands of a senior woman

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A woman wearing a mask answers the door
A woman wearing a mask answers the door

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