A client of Rose of Durham

Kicked out to the street at 17

How Kayden avoided living on the street and found a caring environment

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A client of St. Michael's Homes

Would he answer the call?

How Alex fought both COVID-19 and paralyzing anxiety

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A young woman plays with her child at Rosalie Hall

She wouldn’t be deterred

How Eva and her baby overcame the lockdown

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A woman receives groceries from an LA Centre for Active Living volunteer

A devastating phone call

How Hazel adapted to the pandemic

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A counsellor listens to a client at CFS Toronto

Coming to the right place

How Theresa discovered the root of her depression

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A young man receiving residential treatment at St. Michael's Homes

He found his voice

How Adam learned to advocate for himself

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In and out of group homes

How a young woman beat the odds

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A young woman client at Rosalie Hall

When there’s no place left to go

How Sarah made her way back home

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Children stand next to a water pump in a village in India.

The road less travelled

Father Sebastian couldn't reach his parishioners in remote villages, until the Pastoral Mission Fund provided a solution

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A social worker meets with a resident of St. Michael’s Homes

“I’m an addict, but my problem is Alex”

How Alex got a second chance at life

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A young woman receives counselling at Rosalie Hall

She made a battle plan

How Kristen learned to cope with her anxiety

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A young man prays in a church

Drawing closer

How your gift to ShareLife helped Matthew thrive in seminary

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