A long term care worker holds the hands of a senior woman

You made “The Houses” a home for Abigail

How you provided a senior with love and dignity at the end of her life

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A volunteer at LA Centre for Active Seniors

You were the spark of light they needed

How you helped Hélène overcome the language barrier

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Saif reflects on his journey to Canada

You rescued Saif from danger

How Saif found refuge in Canada after enduring unimaginable trials in Sudan and Jordan

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CCS staff assists a newcomer from Afghanistan.

Hamed couldn’t sleep at night

How you were there for him, when he had nowhere to turn

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A mother and son embrace. (Credit: Unsplash)

Your compassion matters to Ethan and Catherine

How you changed everything for an exhausted caregiver and her son with special needs

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Men participating in a treatment program at St. Michael's Homes

When life takes a dark turn

How Damien got his life back on track through a journey of recovery

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Fr. Kevin Adriano

Answering God’s call

How you helped Fr. Kevin Adriano heed God's call and fulfill his vocation to the priesthood

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A senior receives groceries from a volunteer at LA Centre for Active Seniors

The pandemic hit Bryan very hard

How you brought hope and happiness back to Bryan's life

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A teacher with a young woman client at Rosalie Hall

A safe haven

How you helped Maria escape an abusive past

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A young mother and her child at Rosalie Hall

Towards a brighter future

How Tannya faced the challenge of becoming pregnant at 16

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Men participating in a treatment program at St. Michael's Homes

A second chance in life

How John was able to get his life back together when all hope seemed lost

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A client of St. Michael's Homes

Would he answer the call?

How Alex fought both COVID-19 and paralyzing anxiety

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