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Young mothers at Rosalie Hall


Many people in our lives are silently suffering from depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. The five ShareLife-supported Catholic Family Services agencies provide a lifeline to those dealing with mental health challenges.

Immigrants and refugees

Imagine arriving in a foreign country, not fluent in the local language, and not knowing who can help you find housing and employment. Your gift to ShareLife is helping immigrants and refugees establish a new life in Canada.

Special needs

ShareLife-funded agencies support people with a wide range of special needs, including Deaf people and their families, people with developmental disabilities, and people suffering from addiction.


ShareLife-funded agencies provide a lifeline to thousands of elderly people who struggle with isolation, poverty and mental illness. With compassion and care, these vital programs help seniors live their lives to the fullest.

Young parents

Many young women who are unexpectedly pregnant don’t know where to turn for help. Your gift to ShareLife ensures they have the resources they need to keep their education on track and give their babies a healthy start.

Children and youth

Thanks to your support, ShareLife-funded agencies are ensuring a brighter future for at-risk children and youth throughout the GTA and beyond.

International development and missions

ShareLife isn’t just local. Your gift extends mercy and justice to people in the Global South by supporting the humanitarian and pastoral projects of our agencies.


The future of the Church depends on men and women heroically answering God’s call. ShareLife funding supports the discernment, formation and education of those who will serve in our parishes.

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A staff member holds a baby at Rosalie Hall
A staff member holds a baby at Rosalie Hall

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