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Living the Gospel

Taking care of her husband has been hard, but Mary is proud to have managed. Now she just can’t keep up with the disease that has taken away most of her husband’s memories and is transforming him into a stranger – a French-speaking stranger, since he has reverted almost completely to his mother tongue. She has no idea where to look for help.

She is impressed by her kindness

A fellow parishioner tells Mary that an agency called Les Centres d’Accueil Héritage (CAH) offers services for seniors in French. When Mary invites a bilingual caseworker from CAH to visit, she is impressed by her kindness and how well she engages with her husband. She asks questions and listens to the answers.

She wants to know what might make Mary feel better. The caseworker offers to help Mary navigate the system and find options that would allow them to remain both independent and safe. Mary feels so relieved to have found the case worker from CAH. With some respite support and other assistance, they will be able to stay together in their home a bit longer.

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