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A client of St. Michael's Homes

Alex is a 34 year-old who struggles with anxiety, which has limited his career opportunities and overall enjoyment of life. In an attempt to cope with his paralyzing bouts of fear, he bravely attended a walk-in counselling clinic at Catholic Family Services of Simcoe County (CFSSC). The appointment went well and Alex booked a series of follow-up sessions.

Meanwhile, the pandemic had escalated to the point that CFSSC needed to close for face-to-face services. Alex’s counsellor called him to schedule a telephone session, but could not reach him. Weeks went by without word from him, despite several more calls.

No longer alone in his struggle

At last, Alex finally answered the phone. He shared that he had contracted Covid-19 and had experienced a severe reaction. His anxiety had also worsened due to the pandemic.

Thanks to the counsellor’s consistent support, Alex developed the trust needed to overcome several hurdles in his mental health journey. Alex no longer feels alone in his struggle as he learns new tools and techniques to manage his anxiety.

Photo: A client of St. Michael’s Homes

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A counsellor from CFS Toronto
A counsellor from CFS Toronto

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