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Living the Gospel
Men participating in a treatment program at St. Michael's Homes

Damien had a serious drinking problem, causing him to lose several jobs. His life took a dark turn. He became depressed and even spent three weeks surviving on alcohol and cigarettes.

Fortuntately, Damien’s family and friends sent police on him to do a wellness check. Shortly after, he entered St. Michael’s Homes Treatment Program, where he was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Substance Use Disorder.

The road to recovery

Because of your generosity to ShareLife, he was able to attend a psychotherapy program to help him with his situation. Eventually, Damien moved into St. Michael’s Homes Matt Talbot Housing Community, where he has not only been able to sustain his recovery, but has successfully returned to work, both as a Residential Superintendent and working in a Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic.

It is through kind and generous people like you that many others, like Damien, receive the help they need to guide them towards change, recovery, and a chance to turn their lives around. Thank you for your constant support and generosity to ShareLife.

Photo: Men participating in a treatment program at St. Michael’s Homes

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A young woman and her baby at Rosalie Hall
A young woman and her baby at Rosalie Hall

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