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A volunteer at LA Centre for Active Seniors

Like so many of us with aging parents, Maria knew it was time to take care of her mother Hélène.

Bringing Hélène to Toronto was no trouble at first, as she used to live independently. But soon she began to show signs of confusion and started missing medical appointments. As you can imagine, this placed increasing strain on the family.

One significant challenge was the language barrier, since Hélène’s mother tongue is French. This made her feel homesick and isolated. Maria took time off work to search for support and was left discouraged.

Relief for both mother and daughter

You gave them a spark of light. This was ignited when Hélène discovered the French-language adult day program at Centres d’Accueil Héritage. You enable access to this program through your compassionate support of ShareLife.

Now Hélène attends the program every day. She is also eligible for a home helper who accompanies her to medical appointments. This support ensures Maria, as a caregiver, does not get burned out.

All of this would not be possible were it not for your kindness. You are supporting them through this journey together, as you help Maria take care of her mother.

Photo: A volunteer at LA Centre for Active Seniors

You’re there for seniors in their time of need

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A woman wearing a mask answers the door
A woman wearing a mask answers the door

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