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June 5, 2022

Living the Gospel

A year and a half later, the family boarded a plane to Toronto. It was a joyous day for the newcomers and their parish sponsors.

The parents began ESL classes immediately, while the girls were enrolled in nearby Catholic schools. Adjusting to winter weather and learning English proved to be very difficult, but they were blessed with good health and plenty of support from the parish.

Thriving and proud

Three years later, they are totally independent. The father loves his job driving a forklift, while the mother is at home with their one-year-old son. The eldest daughter began courses at Seneca College and the other daughters continue to thrive at school.

On Holy Saturday last year, the whole Dia Desso family was received into the Catholic Church. They are proud to be living in Canada and are grateful to ORAT and their sponsors for the opportunities they have been given.

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