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A client of Rose of Durham

Kayden was raised by her grandmother before moving to Canada to live with her mother. She was just 17 when her mother kicked her out after a fight, throwing her meagre belongings into the street in the middle of winter.

She stayed at Covenant House for one month before moving into Sancta Maria House – both ShareLife-funded agencies.

She found people she could trust

“I did not believe the staff when they told me that they cared and wanted to help,” Kayden recalls. But over time, she began to trust them as they listened intently to stories about her home country, and ensured she stayed connected with family members still living there.

Kayden moved into Sancta Maria House’s transitional housing one week before the first Covid lockdown.

“I am not sure what would have happened to me,” says Kayden, imagining the alternative of living on the street during the pandemic. She proudly notes that she’s been able to stay on top of her schoolwork and pass her courses.

“Thanks to Sancta Maria House, I am in a stable environment during this difficult time, and I have people in my life who truly care about me.”

Photo: A client of Rose of Durham

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A young woman residing at Rosalie Hall
A young woman residing at Rosalie Hall

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