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Despite his problems with alcohol, Alex was able to graduate high school, attend college and find a job he felt passionate about. But after the death of a friend, he turned to harder substances as a way of escaping his reality. He didn’t stop using throughout his marriage, its subsequent breakdown, or through the birth and childhood of his son. Despite his substance use, Alex was granted custody.

He could no longer recognize himself in the mirror

He would go to every means necessary to both provide for him and feed his addiction, no matter the cost. One day Alex finally could not continue. He had been using heavily and couldn’t recognize himself in the mirror. Alex saw the way his son looked at him and realized his addiction was not only killing him, but also his son.

Alex turned to God for help, and to St. Michael’s Homes, a ShareLife-funded agency. On his second attempt, he completed their treatment program and entered transitional housing. He remains very active in addictions support groups. As a result of his recovery, Alex has been able to help his family in ways that would not have been possible before.

“St. Michael’s Homes saved my life,” he says. “They gave me a second chance. I’ve been given an opportunity to turn my life around and make it worth living. I’m taking full advantage.”

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