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June 5, 2022

Living the Gospel
A counsellor listens to a client at CFS Toronto

Theresa had been feeling very depressed. Her concerned daughter recommended she attend a walk-in counselling clinic provided by CFS of Simcoe County. Theresa agreed to go, despite thinking counselling would not be helpful. She told the intake worker she had been struggling with depression, grief and loss for a long time. She had lost hope that anything could make her feel better.

The intake worker confirmed she had come to the right place and spoke about the benefits of counselling support combined with prescribed medication for depression.

Beginning to feel better

During the counselling session, Theresa was asked about her depressive symptoms. She shared that they started a decade ago after the tragic and traumatic loss of several family members. The clinician helped her understand how these experiences may have impacted her and suggested what she could do to begin to feel better. Together they developed a plan to provide her with additional services.

At the end of the session, Theresa felt for the first time she could get through her depression and find happiness.

Photo: A counsellor listens to a client at CFS Toronto

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A counsellor from CFS Toronto
A counsellor from CFS Toronto

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