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Living the Gospel
Fr. Kevin Adriano

After years of study at St. Augustine’s Seminary, Fr. Kevin Adriano was ordained to the priesthood on November 5, 2021. But the road to priesthood was not always easy.

His journey to ordination began in 2010, when he entered the seminary immediately after completing high school. Although the formation process at St. Augustine’s was challenging, Fr. Kevin Adriano shared that it led him into a deeper relationship with the Lord and helped him become the priest God called him to be.

It takes a village

Whenever he would be in a challenging situation, he overcame it by remembering all of your prayers and sacrifices for him. This helped him put things into perspective.

On the day he was ordained he recalls being overwhelmed with gratitude for the support you gave him. “I realized as I was standing there, now as a priest, that I am standing here because of the prayers and support of others,” Fr. Kevin Adriano recalls. “I am filled with gratitude for your generosity.”

Photo: Fr. Kevin Adriano

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A young woman and her baby at Rosalie Hall
A young woman and her baby at Rosalie Hall

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