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Living the Gospel
Julian – Grade 8 – St John the Baptist DPCDSB
Winning poster by Sofia, grade 7 student from EEC Saint-Louis, CSC MonAvenir
Sofia – 7e – EEC Saint-Louis

2020 Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of this year’s poster contest. The English winner was created by Julian, a grade 8 student from St. John the Baptist DPCDSB. The French winner was submitted by Sofia, a grade 7 student from EEC Saint-Louis, CSC MonAvenir.

These posters will be displayed at English and French parishes and schools, respectively, throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto. Thank you to the many students who participated in this year’s poster contest!

Join the 12th Annual ShareLife Poster Contest

Create a poster that shows how ShareLife lives the Gospel in your community.

  • Contest is open to all Catholic elementary school students.
  • Poster size should be 11 x 17 inches.
  • It can be drawn, coloured or photographed. (Get consent from the people in the photos.)
  • To qualify, entries should clearly promote the ShareLife logo, show our mission (Living the Gospel by providing for those in need), and be appealing and inspiring.
  • Entrants are also welcome to incorporate the themes of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations.
  • Indicate the student’s name, grade, school and school board on the back of the poster.
  • Poster must be the student’s original work.
  • Each school can submit a maximum of 3 posters.
  • The winning entry will be used as the 2019/20 elementary school campaign poster and distributed to schools and parishes of the Archdiocese of Toronto in February 2020.
  • Posters should be submitted to ShareLife by mail to the address below no later than November 29, 2019: ShareLife Poster Contest, 1155 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4T 1W2

Participez au premier concours d’affiche française ShareLife

Create a poster that shows how ShareLife lives the Gospel in your community.

  • Le concours est ouvert à tous les élèves des écoles élémentaires catholiques.
  • L’affiche doit mesurer 11 pouces par 17 pouces.
  • Cela peut être un dessin, une peinture ou une photo (avec le consentement de toute personne sur les photos).
  • L’affiche doit être entièrement en français.
  • L’affiche doit promouvoir clairement le logo de ShareLife, sa mission (Vivre l’Évangile en aidant les personnes dans le besoin), être inspirante et attrayante.
  • Les soumissions peuvent contenir des éléments du Profil de sortie de l’élève catholique.
  • L’affiche doit être l’œuvre originale de l’élève.
  • Indiquer le nom de l’élève, le niveau, l’école à l’endos de l’affiche avec l’adresse courriel pour aviser le/la gagnant(e).
  • L’affiche gagnante sera l’affiche de la campagne ShareLife 2019-2020 dans les paroisses et les écoles de langue française de l’Archidiocèse de Toronto.
  • Envoyer vos soumissions par la poste avant le 29 novembre 2019 à l’adresse suivante: ShareLife – Concours d’affiche, 1155 rue Yonge, Toronto, ON M4T 1W2


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Schools & Employee Campaigns Coordinator

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