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Living the Gospel
A resident of St. Michael’s Homes, a treatment centre for men recovering from addiction

“They gave me a second chance”

Your donation brings hope to people like Alex

Donate to support people with special needs

The cause

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lives are improved every year by ShareLife donors. This includes people with disabilities, their caregivers, and others with special needs.

Break barriers

Deaf people face accessibility challenges at school, work and home. Silent Voice, a ShareLife-funded agency, seeks to break down those barriers.

Safe space

People with disabilities frequently experience stigma and misunderstanding. ShareLife agencies provide community and a safe space that affirms their dignity and worth.

How your donation makes a difference:

“Today, ShareLife is how we bring the hands of Christ to those in need. Through the faithful generosity of people like you, ShareLife agencies continue to serve the poor and vulnerable among us.”

— Cardinal Thomas Collins

Sign language

Teaches American Sign Language to Deaf children and their family members.

Addictions treatment

Helps men overcome addiction through a residential treatment program.

Holistic care

Addresses not only the physical health of people with disabilities, but also their emotional and spiritual needs.

Building community

Provides a welcoming space for people with mental illness to experience community.

Respite programs

Funds respite programs for caregivers of people with disabilities, so they can focus on their own health and wellbeing.

Improving accessibility

Helps overcome stigma, misunderstanding, and barriers to accessibility faced by people with disabilities.

Stories of inspiration

A social worker meets with a resident of St. Michael’s Homes

“I’m an addict, but my problem is Aaron”

How Aaron got a second chance at life

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A resident and volunteer at Providence Healthcare’s Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence

Coping with change

How Ben is overcoming his fear

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Carrying the cross

How Stephen embraced his opportunity to serve

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Give someone in your community a brighter future

Living the Gospel by providing
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