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April 17/18

Living the Gospel

Her fears were relieved

Your donation brings hope to people like Mary

Donate to support seniors

The cause



seniors were helped by ShareLife agencies last year.

There has been a


demand growth for ShareLife-funded programs for seniors in just three years.


residents receive excellent long-term care at the Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence.

How your donation makes a difference:

“The work of our agencies, and your generosity towards them, serve as a pathway through which acts of justice and love are realized, and the witness of the Catholic faith strengthened.”

— Cardinal Thomas Collins


Helps seniors stay active and healthy through recreational programs.


Supports the medical and shopping escort program, so seniors can safely leave the home to run errands and attend appointments.

Day programs

Provides day programs for seniors, where they can experience friendship and community.

Holistic long-term care

Funds quality long-term care at Providence Healthcare that meets the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of its residents.

Francophone programs

Allows Francophone seniors to participate in programs and receive services in their mother tongue.

Independent living

Ensures seniors living alone are connected with the medical, financial and social resources they need, so they can continue living independently.

Stories of inspiration

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How Florence found the help she needed

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Savouring life

How accessibility restored Erika’s joy

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Would they need to leave their home?

How Mary’s fears were relieved

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Living the Gospel by providing
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