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Living the Gospel
Clients and staff of Catholic Crosscultural Services

“They saved my life”

Your donation brings hope to people like Jane.

Donate to support immigrants and refugees

The cause

Through your help


newcomers were welcomed to Canada by the Office of Refugees of the Archdiocese of Toronto in 2023.



people received resettlement services from Catholic Crosscultural Services last year– funded through ShareLife donors like you.



an influx of Syrian refugees has arrived in Canada. ShareLife agencies are providing ongoing settlement support no longer covered by government funding.

How your donation makes a difference:

“Without you, ShareLife could not fulfill its mission to Live the Gospel by providing for those in need. Together we are making a real difference!”

— Cardinal Thomas Collins


Guides newcomers through the resettlement process.

Language skills

Teaches English to recent immigrants.

Housing and employment

Helps newcomers find a job and a place to live.

Refugee claims

Identifies refugees abroad and matches them with parish sponsors.

Parish support

Leads parish volunteers through the refugee sponsorship program.


Provides counselling to refugees suffering from trauma.

Stories of inspiration

Saif reflects on his journey to Canada

You rescued Saif from danger

How Saif found refuge in Canada after enduring unimaginable trials in Sudan and Jordan

Hear story
CCS staff assists a newcomer from Afghanistan.

Hamed couldn’t sleep at night

How you were there for him, when he had nowhere to turn

Hear story
Young newcomers to Canada take part in programming at Catholic Crosscultural Services

Proud to be living in Canada

How the Dia Desso family escaped war and made a new home thanks to you

Hear story

Language classes saved her life

How Angie found safety through your kindness

Hear story

Your compassion supports newcomers to Canada

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