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As we continue with the unveiling of the new Mission (To live the Gospel by providing for those in need,) and Vision (the Catholic community and its partners responding generously with justice and love,) statements for ShareLife, we would like to present our new principles (formerly values.)

Our principles are the values that guide ShareLife in all that we do.  These statements are more than words on paper – they are how we approach the day to day operation of our office, how we determine the allocations to our agencies, and how we promote the need to support ShareLife to our parishioners and the greater community.

The following are the four principles of ShareLife:

Reverence for life at all stages – a core principle of ShareLife since our founding in 1976.  We hold all lives sacred, from conception until natural death.  All of our agencies hold this value and maintain this in everything that they do.  In a society that today speaks of assisted suicide, our agencies work to care for those who are facing end of life issues, and we continue to assist mothers who wish to raise their children in the face of difficult personal circumstances.

Commitment to Catholic Social Teaching – we are committed to the dignity of the individual, working on behalf of the poor and vulnerable in our society (and around the world,) and the right to life. All humans are created in the image of God, and have the right to live with dignity.

Collaboration with stakeholders – we value the work that our agencies, Catholic Charities, and our parishes do to express the message of ShareLife.  The ‘case for support’ is rooted in their efforts, and we work closely with all of these groups, and our parishioners, to ensure that the ShareLife message is evangelized year round.

Responsible and accountable for resources – we have always treated every contribution to ShareLife as a sacred trust.  All contributors have a right to know how their funds are being used, and we maintain a low cost ratio of less than 11%.  We work to ensure that the maximum amount possible is dedicated to the work of our agencies.

In a few weeks, we will start the 2017 active ShareLife campaign in our parishes.  Our goal this year is $13.1 million, which we look forward to achieving on behalf of our agencies. As we work to Live the Gospel in all that we do, know that your contribution will be more than a financial transaction – it will be the opportunity to bring the hands of Christ to those in need!

Arthur Peters

Executive Director

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Thank you for making a donation to ShareLife over the past year. We are grateful for your support. Read about the difference you can make in our 2016 Report to Donors! 

Together we are Living the Gospel!

ShareLife Golf Tournament!
This year on Monday, June 5th, we gather at Markland Wood Golf Club for our annual ShareLife Corporate Golf Tournament in support of the social service agencies funded by ShareLife. For further information, contact the ShareLife office at 416-934-3411, or click here.
Corporate Review
As we look back over our past year, it was one of remarkable corporate generosity. We deeply appreciate those who chose ShareLife as their way of making a difference in the lives of the marginalized in our community!
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The tradition of Catholic charity runs deep in the Archdiocese of Toronto. Catholic agencies have been serving the poor, the needy and the sick among us for more than 150 years.


ShareLife agencies provides services to many people every year in the Greater Toronto Area and reaches countless more in the developing world. Every day, with the help of ShareLife funding, people in need are treated with dignity and respect. 


From Toronto to Penetanguishene and from Oshawa to Orangeville, ShareLife-funded agencies extend a helping hand to all who call on them in the community, regardless of background, faith or circumstance.

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